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October 5-7, 2018

Camp Cazadero

Guerneville, California


Departure: Friday, October 5th @ 10am


Return: Sunday, October 8th @ 4pm


Camp Cazadero

22175 King Ridge Road, Cazadero, CA 95421


The Social Engineering Project, Inc. (“TSEP”) is an Oakland based Google and Microsoft funded social impact venture with Stanford University that is designed to address the lack of diversity in the tech industry. One of our programs is the TSEP Camping Conference, an overnight camp for underserved minority high school students throughout Northern California.

October 5-7, 2018, TSEP will take approximately 150 underrepresented 9th-12th high school students camping to learn about math, science, engineering, and other STEM related careers during a 3 day overnight conference at Camp Cazadero.  Buses from Santa Clara, Alameda, and Sacramento counties will take the students and 25 counselors from various tech professions to near the Russian River, where they will be free of the typical high school distractions (no signal, no texting or Wi-Fi) and be one with nature.  Parents will have to contact their children's respective schools and get the appropriate permission for them to miss a day of school in advance.

Key Outcomes

 1.) Desire to go to college;
2.) Pursue STEM related careers;
3.) Develop a deeper respect for the environment and work/life balance;
4.) Learn how to apply to college, excel on exams, financial aid, college life; and 
5.) Learn about their personal brand, how to work in teams, entrepreneurship, and network for future collaboration.




In order to expose our students to various career pathways, we needed highly engaging, hands-on- workshops from tech companies to motivate and inspire our students to go to college and major in STEM related majors in order to ultimately work in tech companies.  This year, we have the following workshops and presenters:


1. Blockchain 101 - lead by Blockchain for Social Justice is designed to explain the mechanics behind blockchain technology; 

2. Starting/working at a tech company - lead by will show how to leverage tech to solve important world problems;

3. Tech with a side of Customer Success - lead by TriNet will illuminate other careers in tech such as Client Success;

4. SLA and Operations Management - lead by Walmart Labs is designed use math and engineering to problem solve error codes in order to reach a Service Level Agreement.

5.  Explanation of the game developing process and various roles involved - lead by Zynga will teach students prototyping and provide an overview of the gaming industry.

Registration opens for students on August 27, 2018.  The cost per student is $125, however, there are hardship scholarships are available, however, they must be entirely completed to be considered (300 word responses).  Acceptance occurs on a first come, first serve basis until space is full and is based on need.  Last year, we had a waitlist of 50 students so please register ASAP when it opens.

We are seeking 20 counselors, ideally recent graduates that either majored in or are working in STEM related/tech careers presently or working tech professionals for the weekend. Approximately 8-9 students will be divided up by gender and buses into various cabins with one counselor to serve as their mentor/chaperone. Each counselor will have to pass a background check in order to participate. To apply, please visit


If you would like to sponsor a camper who is experiencing financial hardship, please visit

There are still sponsorship opportunities, including organizing hands on/engaging workshops on the technology that your company makes and opportunities to donate schwag to give to the students at the end of camp. Please email for any questions.


Day 1

Students will get acclimated with their new environment, participate in ice breaker and team building activities, and learn the importance of work/life balance. They will also have their first camp fire and share s'mores.

Day 2

Students will participate in interactive workshops consisting of various types of STEM related careers.  For an overview of last year's curriculum, please visit  Moreover, they will have a talent show with their cabin mates.

Day 3

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of a culmination of the information they learned.  They will also learn more about college (the application process, standardized testing, financial aid, and student life), entrepreneurship, their personal brand, and the importance of networking.

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